Ace Racer Update – June 26, 2024


[Season 10 Massive New Updates Are Here]

Here's what's rolling out with this update:


New Map

Get ready to explore the new Map,Rainforest Adventure,from June 28 to July 4!Beat the clock on the new map to claim an exclusive Title!Don't miss out on the grand prize in the New Map Chest—the"Forest Explorer"outfit!


Seafood Feast

Indulge in the Seafood Feast,running from June 28 to July 18!Will it be Salt&Pepper Mantis Shrimp,Garlic Lobster,or Grilled Oysters that capture your taste buds?Gather ingredients and seasonings to prepare these delectable dishes!Earn rewards for each dish you create,and if you manage to craft them all,you'll receive the new Waverider Wraps—"Wavedance"!


Ace Training Ground

TThe 6th Ace Training Ground is now available for a limited time,from June 28 to July 4!

Exclusive Grand Prize of the Phase—V-Type ECU(Practice:Advance):Activate Nitro for the first time at the start of the race to gain a Blink effect for a certain distance.


Shop Update

1.Mystery Box

The limited-time exclusive Interceptor""Hidden Hunter""is joining Speedfest on June 7,2024!

[Hidden Hunter]:Balancer,with the Ultimate""Surprise Trap""that accelerates and sets four different traps on the track.

Trap–Bide:Increases your top speed based on the number of Turbos the enemy uses.

Trap–Passive Benefits:Ultimate charges as enemies use Nitro.

Trap–Haste Makes Waste:The closest enemy is knocked back 40m when all enemies use their Ultimate 8 times.

Trap–Lure(Unlocks at Lv.8):Removes Teammates'Debuffs when you're affected by Restriction or Transformation.


2.S10 Membership

S10 Membership will arrive with a bang,granting access to the powerful Support Vehicle[Magic Butterfly].The new skills Hack and Morph can turn you into a butterfly for up to 10 seconds,granting flight.You can also double the charge efficiency for non-Supporter teammates within 300m upon leaving flight.Your flight ends early if you overtake a teammate.

Get this powerful Support Vehicle today!


3.Treasure Hunt

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS TREASURE CHEST and Audi TT RS TREASURE CHEST will be back on sale on June 7th.Obtaining a TREASURE CHEST gives you a chance to win permanent vehicles,wraps,and rare exclusive CONTROL PANELS.


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