Ace Racer Update – May 22, 2024


S9 is Heating Up

The following will be rolled out after the update:


Exciting Events

1.Ice Cream Shop

Beat the heat with our Ice Cream Shop, offering a huge selection of free Wraps! From May 24 to June 20, join in to collect Ice Cream Ingredients randomly dropped during races. Make and sell Ice Cream to earn Summer Coins, with over ten awesome vehicle skins, Luxury Car Universal Contract Vouchers, Universal Raffle Tickets, and Vouchers x10 all up for grabs. Don't miss out on thebrand new Singularity Wrap - Berry Cosmic and thenew Porsche 935 Wrap - Sweet Bunny! Ice Cream prices vary across different racer shops, so be sure to find the best spots to put the pedal to the metal for your Summer Coin earnings. A heads up from Shirley: Wrap exchanges are limited, so pick your favorites while you can!


New Vehicle

Like an arrow unleashed, be the first to cross the finish line! Starting May 9, join the Luxury Car Rental event to land the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow and complete Missions for a chance to Test Drive them.

Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow: A Speedster Vehicle with the Ultimate - Split Second: Teleport ahead to the current leader's position (with a max range of 160m and a min range of 100m). If you're already in the lead when you trigger the Ultimate, you'll shoot ahead another 100m. (The teleport is a fixed-distance Blink, unaffected by Blink amplifiers).


Time-Limited Mode

1.Map Challenge

The S9 Club Race is here for a limited time from May 17 to May 30. Join the Club Race to earn Club Points and battle for your Club's glory!


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