Ace Racer Update – May 15, 2024


S9 is Underway

The following content will be rolled out following the update:


New Vehicle

Swift as an arrow, leaving everything in the dust! From May 10, join the Luxury Car Rental event to snag the new Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow and complete Event Missions for a Test Drive.

Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow: A Speedster with the Ultimate - Split Second: Teleports ahead to the current leader (with a max single teleport range of 160m and min range of 100m). Teleports forward 100m when used while in the lead. (The teleport is considered a fixed-distance Blink and is unaffected by Blink amplifiers).


Exciting Events

1.Super Sale

From May 10-23, the Super Sale will be underway with limited-time deals you can't afford to miss. Accumulate Super Sale purchases during the event for extra rewards!


2.Daily Top-Up

From May 10-16, Top-up tokens every day to snag Fashion Tokens, Luxury Car Contract Vouchers, Universal Parts, and more awesome rewards!


Time-Limited Mode

1. Club Race

The S9 Club Race will be available for a limited time starting from May 17 to May 30. Participate in the Club Race to earn Club Points and win glory for your Club!


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