Ace Racer Update – April 10, 2024


S9 Massive New Updates Are Here

The following content will be rolled out following the update:


{New Tracks}

Future City will be released in Speedfest on April 12 and can be played in Practice, Ranked Race, and other modes.


{Supply Prize Pool}

Get the Dejavu Theme from the Supply Chest! There is now an increased chance of getting Legendary Supporter Drone Truck and Interceptor Ford F-150 during the event!

Drone Truck: Supporter, Ultimate "Drone Dispatch" — Accelerates and releases 2 drones to deliver supplies to non-Supporter vehicles within 1000m while revealing invisible opponents within range. Grants vehicles receiving supplies Charge and enhanced Top Speed during their next Ultimate. Doubles supply effect if only 1 vehicle receives supplies.


{Shop Updates}

I. {Mystery Box}

The limited Interceptor "Frost Spirit" will arrive at Speedfest on April 12.

Frost Spirit: Interceptor, Ultimate "Frost" allows you to lay a blizzard down on the track, slowing down opponents on contact and gradually freezing them!


II. {Ace Fashion Festival}

From April 12, the Ultimate Set of the Milky Way Rabbit Series will be at the Fashion Festival!

Ultimate Outfit: Milky Way Rabbit for female racers features a futuristic design, with a sleek, flattering latex bodysuit and eye-catching stockings. For male racers, there'll be a dashing burgundy shirt and unbuttoned tailcoat.

Ultimate Outfit: Moonlit Magenta is themed around classic red with gold-trimmed patterns, offering a look of refined luxury and alluring charm.

Additionally, Koenigsegg Jesko Wrap: Swallows In The Clouds, along with various wraps, will also be on sale! Let's enjoy this awesome moment together!


III. {S9 Membership}

S9 Membership will arrive with a bang, granting access to the powerful Interceptor: Rocky.

Rocky: Interceptor, Ultimate "Hack" — When using the Ultimate, accelerates and continuously hacks into the propulsion system of opponent vehicles within 50m, turning their next Nitro acceleration effect into a slow effect.

Don't miss out on such a powerful Interceptor!


IV. {Discount Token}

The Land Rover Defender Exclusive Treasure will be available on April 12! Unlock the treasures for chances to get the powerful Interceptor Land Rover Defender and its exclusive Parts and Blueprints!


{Exciting Events}

I. Spring Outing

The Spring Outing Redemption Event will be available from April 12 to May 2. Complete missions to collect Qingtuan in exchange for the Cruiser Wrap: Splendid Landscape and many other item rewards!


II. Tons of Benefits

Starting April 12, we'll be kicking off massive bonus events such as Store Rebate, Super Sale, Top-Up Rebate, and so on to assist every racer in the new season!


Thank you for your continued support of Ace Racer!

{Official Channels}





Thank you for your continued support of Ace Racer!