Ace Racer Update – March 20, 2024


Ace Racer Anniversary Celebration

Hey there, Racers!

It's our first anniversary in Ace Racer! Our team has prepared a bunch of surprises and perks to thank you for your incredible support, and we would like to celebrate this special occasion with everyone! Whether it's that dream car you've been eyeing or the coolest exclusive outfits, our anniversary celebration has got it all lined up for you. And yes, besides fueling your racing dreams, we've packed this celebration with tons of gifts and sweet deals waiting for you to grab. Let's start our engines for this racing celebration!


I. {Anniversary Stamp Card}

Anniversary Stamp Cards will be available from March 22 to March 28. Collect three different types of Stamp Cards and light them up to earn amazing rewards! Plus, there's the Legendary Blueprint Selection Pack for you to grab!


II. {Gift Card Investment}

Here comes Shaw's investment! From March 22 to March 28, spend Gift Cards for investments to earn 5x returns and claim Gift Cards worth up to 5,000! Don't miss out!


III. {Swimsuit Fashion Festival}

Ultimate Outfit: Summer Romance - A cool swimsuit is a must during a beach vacation! The female version uses a classic and flirty bikini design. Refreshing macaron colors and trendy polka dots make for a lively outfit!

Ultimate Outfit: Blaze - Unlike Summer Romance, Blaze uses a more contrasted color scheme in black and red. Summer Romance means havin' a blast, and Blaze is about making it happen fast!

Limited Buddy: Summer Bunny - A snow-white bunny with goggles on a ducky swim ring, enjoying some ice cream while spinning in circles!

Legendary Wrap: Swift Shark - Applicable Vehicle: Manta. It plunders everything in the deep sea with its speed.

Crocodile Ornament - Adorable, with a childlike color scheme. A crocodile dragging a rainbow tail makes for the best summer companion!


{Time-Limited Mode}

1. Club Race

The S8 Club Race will be available for a limited time starting from March 22 to April 4. Participate in the Club Race to earn Club Points and win glory for your Club!

{Official Channels}





Thank you for your continued support of Ace Racer!