Ace Racer Update – February 6, 2024


S8 Coming Soon

S7 will end on February 15, with the new season coming soon! The following content will be rolled out following the update:


Upgraded Ranking Rewards

On February 16, a new season of ranked races will begin, and the S8 ranked race Exchange Shop's Legendary Blueprint Selection Pack will be updated to include all existing Blueprints!


New Tracks

Road to Shu will be released in Speedfest on February 16 and can be played in Practice, Ranked Race, and other modes.


Supply Prize Pool

Starting February 16, get the Start Your Engines theme from Supply Chests! There is also an increased chance of getting the Legendary Speedster Vanguard and the Supporter Singularity during the event!


Shop Updates

I. Mystery Box

The limited Speedster Shuttler will join Speedfest on February 16.

Ultimate "Time Travel": Once activated, accelerates you into an uncharted dimension at high speed and returns to a spot on the track based on how far you've traveled!


II. Ace Fashion Festival

The Twins exclusive skins Pride & Silk/Celestial Grandeur Set will be available in the Fashion Festival on February 16, along with the Ksana Wrap: Lightning Flash and various outfits and accessories available for purchase!


III. S8 Membership

S8 Membership will be available on February 16. Unlock the Gold Pass to receive the powerful Speedster Venus.

Ultimate "Purify": Once activated, removes your debuffs, and after accelerating creates a Spirit Gate that removes debuffs from your teammates.

Don't miss out on such a powerful Speedster and awesome ability!


IV. Discount Token

The Twins Venus Wrap: Fragrant White Rose/Rose of Passion will be available with Discount Tokens on February 16. White roses are as pure as jade, while red roses are as passionate as fire. Pick your favorite wrap to take home!


Exciting Events

I. New Year Goods Collection

Lunar New Year is just around the corner, so let's celebrate this festive occasion! Starting from February 9, collect special New Year Goods to unlock Blueprint Selection Packs, Universal Raffle Tickets, and more!


II. Light The Night

Starting February 16, complete missions and collect lanterns to unlock amazing rewards and exchange for the exquisite set: Light The Night!


III. Upgrade Discount

From February 16 to 29, all racers can enjoy 30% off when upgrading their Vanguard vehicle! Owning a Lv.10 legendary vehicle is no mere fantasy!


IV. Tons of Benefits

Starting February 16, we'll be kicking off massive bonus events such as Store Rebate, Super Sale, Top-Up Rebate, and so on to assist every racer in the new season!


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Thank you for your continued support of Ace Racer!