Ace Racer Update – January 24, 2024


S7 Is Underway!

We are introducing new events, ECUs, and balance adjustments in this update! The following content will be rolled out following the update:


Balance Adjustment

1. Rocketfox: New passive effect Grants an additional 8km/h Top Speed every time you tap Turbo. Lasts 3 seconds and stacks up to 3 times.

2. Bugatti LVN: New passive effect Each time you drift, the Top Speed of the current match permanently increases by 5km/h. Stacks up to 30km/h.


Exciting Events

1. Featured Winter Gifts

The Featured Winter Gifts event will be available from January 26 to February 15. Complete the missions to get enough points to exchange and own the following gifts permanently: Dreamworld Set, Nyan Wrap: Refreshing Sakura, and RIMS: STARFISH!


2. Overclocking! Air Cruiser

Ford Focus RS and Zephyrus are getting a new enhancement! The Exclusive V-Type ECU [Overclocking: Air Cruiser] grants an additional Turbo for each second during Air Cruiser. Grants up to 750 charges per second. Get this ECU for free by participating in the event starting on January 26!


ECU Acquisition Optimization

The Overclocking ECU Selection Pack and Overclocking ECU are now included in the Sale Shop, Wish Shop, and Supply Point Redemption Pool! Racers can now get their desired ECUs!


Time-Limited Mode

The S7 Club Race will be available for a limited time starting on January 26. Participate in the Club Race to earn Club Points and win glory for your Club!


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Thank you for your continued support of Ace Racer!