Ace Racer Update – January 17, 2024


S7 Is Underway!

In this update, we're introducing new vehicles, events, and optimizations for ranked races! The following content will be rolled out following the update:


New Vehicles

A top-brand luxury vehicle will be released at the Luxury Car Rental Agency event. Starting January 19, participate in the event to get the branded luxury vehicle Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. You can test drive this vehicle by completing missions in the event.

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series: Speedster, Ultimate - Energy Field: Grants acceleration and generates an energy field ahead. Whenever passing through the energy field, it permanently increases the Top Speed and grants a 15% Ultimate charge while generating another energy field for 3s 180m ahead. Grants teammates 1,000 charges when passing through the energy field.


Ranked Race Ban System

To eliminate vehicle overuse and improve competition on certain maps for ranked matches, the Ranked Race will include the Weekly Voting Ban System following the update on January 18:

1. Bans only apply when the entire team has reached Expert Rank or above (voting is only possible upon reaching Expert Rank)

2. Three modes are open to voting: Ranked Race (Solo), Ranked Race (Team), and Map.

3. In each mode, racers can select two options (vehicles/maps) to ban (d uplicate votes are not allowed).

4. The top 2 vehicles/maps in the weekly votes will be banned the following week (in modes where voting is available).

5. New vehicles/maps won't be banned in the first week. Banned vehicles/maps won't be included in the following week's vote.


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Thank you for your continued support of Ace Racer!