Ace Racer Update – January 10, 2024


S7 Is Underway!

We've included balance adjustments and new maps in this update to enhance everyone's racing experience. The following content will be rolled out following the update:


Balance Adjustment

Adjusted vehicle performance to address over- or underperforming vehicles and provide more options in the match!

1. Cruiser: Reduced Nitro charge from 37% to 34% (consuming 10,000 charges to obtain the Ultimate charge).

2. Waverider: Increased Top Speed from 208.4km/h to 212.8km/h.

3. Paw-some Kitten: Increased Serendipity's first charge from 15% to 20% and reduced its second charge from 45% to 40%.


New Map

I. Map Reveal

Map Reveal will be available from January 12 to January 18! The event map this time will be Greenway! Set your record on the new map and win exclusive titles! The grand prize of the current New Map Chest is Brilliant Paint: Rainbow Sky!


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