Ace Racer Update – November 1, 2023


S6 Massive New Updates Are Here

The following content will be rolled out following the update:


Itasha Festival

The V Itasha Festival begins now!

1) Sign-In For Avatar Frames: Collaboration begins! From November 3 to November 16, participate in the 7-Day Check-In event to claim collaboration avatar frames for free!

2) Identity V Featured Gifts: From November 3 to November 23, participate in the Identity V Featured Gifts event to claim Gardener/Thief Outfit, Collaboration Trinket: Shark Stick, Collaboration Facewear: Geisha Facewear for free!

3) Eye of Survival: From November 3 to November 16, participate in the Eye of Survival: Unraveling event to claim collaboration rims.

4) Knock on the Candy Door: November 3 to November 19: do you dare to knock on these doors to find out what's behind them? The collaboration Buddy: Bat Doll awaits!

5) Dice of Fate: From November 10 to November 23, the collaboration rims will be on sale for a super low price!

6) Hazy Scent: She runs, he chases! There's no escape! Starting on November 10, experience the Hunters vs. Survivors cat-and-mouse-game with the all-new collaboration outfits: Perfumer/The Ripper available on the Dream Track!

7) V Avenue: How should Survivors proceed? From November 10 to November 23, participate in the V Avenue event to claim your collaboration outfits: Priestess/Seer!

8) Collaboration Gifts: How do you get a never-ending smile? From November 10 to November 23, participate in the Collaboration Gifts event to receive the Joker Headwear for free!


New Season

New Tracks Candy Island and Winter Speed will be released in the Speedfest on November 3 and can be played in Practice, Ranked Race, and other modes.


Supply Prize Pool

Get the Record Top Speed Theme from Supply Chests! The chance of getting the Legendary Speedster Chronicler with the new skill Record Runner and the popular Supporter Singularity will be increased during the event!


Shop Updates

I. Mystery Box

Limited Interceptor Vindicator will join the Speedfest on November 3. Its Ultimate, "Payback," can restrict opponents' speed and reflect interceptor effects!


II. S6 Memberships

S6 Memberships are here! Log in and claim the Supporter - Paw-some Kitten, which has an exclusive skill, Serendipity. But that's not all! Rims, vehicle wraps, Supply Chests, and many other resources are waiting for you!


III. Discount Tokens

The Chronicler Exclusive Treasure will become available on November 3! Unlock the treasures for chances to get the Speedster Chronicler and its exclusive Wrap: Sparkles!


Exciting Events

I. Puzzle Battle

From November 3 to November 16, collect Pumpkins to unlock puzzles and get rewards! Unlock them all to receive a Pumpkin Back Decoration!


II. Tons of Benefits

Starting November 3, massive reward events such as Store Rebates, the Super Sale, Top-Up Rebates, and so on, will be kicked off to assist every racer in the new season!


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