Ace Racer Update – October 25, 2023


S5 Is Underway!

The following content will be rolled out following the update:


Exciting Events

I. Ace Fashion Festival

Get ready for Halloween! On October 31, the all-new Halloween limited skin—Bat Wing Halloween Set will be available at the Fashion Festival, as well as Catalyst's Wrap: Wildfire Ghost, and high-quality Rims: Phobos and Pleasant Melody! Plus, new Halloween-themed makeup has been added to the makeup system. Put on a scary face! Let's celebrate Halloween together!


II. Season End Login

Embrace the new season! Log in to claim rewards! Log in to the game every day during the last week of the season (October 27 to November 2) to claim extra rewards! Let's blast off to the new season!


III. Season End Rush

It's the last week of the season. Let's rush to a higher rank! From October 27 to November 2, participate in the daily Ranked Race to claim Rank Protection Cards. Reach the specified rank to claim a massive number of Universal Parts!


Bug Fixes

1.A bug with Catalyst has been fixed. This bug previously caused Catalyst's ultimate to have a chance to trigger twice when released by a passive ability.


Time-Limited Mode

I. Parking Battle

The Parking Battle will become available on October 27! The parking lot is unpredictable. Let's see how you handle the challenge!


II. Time Attack

This week's Time Attack map is Oasis. We welcome experts like you to challenge this map and leave your name on the leaderboard!


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