Ace Racer Update – May 24, 2023


S2 Is Underway!

The following content will be rolled out following the update:


[New Modes]

The Survival Challenge goes online on May 19, packed with all-new modes! Make it to the end of this six-player race to emerge victorious! Will you be the last one standing?


[Tons of Benefits]

Super Deals

The Super Deals event is set to start on May 19. Purchase the Ball Invitation every day for a total of 7 days to receive the rare wrap of Rocketfox: Energy Collision. The Ball Invitation can be used in the Dark Ripples event that is available during the same period, and there's a chance for players to get the exquisite outfit!

Pro Racer Challenge

New vehicles and new skills! From May 19 to June 1, bump up your Proficiency and win rewards!


[Exciting Events]

I. Dream Track

The Dark Party is officially here. The Dream Track will be available from May 19 to June 1, and players can use the Ball Invitation to draw rewards during the event. Draw up to 20 times to seize everything from the prize pool!

New Outfit: Dark Ripples! An utmost elegancy that has never been seen before, which stirs up the ripples from the shadow.

New Warp: Night Viper! Applicable Vehicle: Ford Mustang. With cool transformations, silent movements, and a scaled body that is ready to attack... The Night Viper is unstoppable.


II. Supply Prize Pool Updates

Get the Ksana Eternity Theme from Supply Chests! During this event, you'll have a better chance to receive the Legendary vehicle Ksana, as well as the BMW M8, which has the same Ultimate!


III.Luxury Vehicle Launch

The Luxury Vehicle Launch starts on May 26! Try guessing the upcoming vehicles from their silhouettes for amazing rewards. Complete Clue Missions and unlock additional vehicle clues. The mysterious luxury vehicle will be unveiled on May 31!


IV. Luxury Car Rental Agency

A new branded luxury vehicle will be released at the Luxury Car Rental Agency. Participate in this event to get it. This branded luxury vehicle will be revealed on May 31, and it will be possible to test drive this vehicle by completing missions in the event.


V. Ace Featured Gift

Are you still pulling your hair out because you missed out on your favorite outfits and rims? Look no further! The Ace Featured Gift event will be available from May 26 to June 15. Complete the missions to get enough points to exchange for and own the following gifts permanently: Summer Vacation Outfit, Rims Selection Pack, and Lil Monster Decal!


VI. S2 Club Honor

The Club Challenge will be held from May 26 to June 1. Race for the glory of your club and earn Supply Vouchers!


[Time-Limited Mode]

Survival Challenge: The Survival Challenge, with all-new modes, will become available on May 19! Will you be the last one standing?

Time Attack: This week's Time Attack map is Torii Gate with a special rule—only Supporters can be used in the race. We welcome experts like you to challenge this map and leave your name on the leaderboard!


[Official Channels]





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