Ace Racer Update – May 17, 2023


S2 Is Underway!

The following content will be rolled out following the update:


Knives Out Crossover

Ace Racer × Knives Out Crossover is available from May 12 to June 1. Jack from Knives Out will parachute to Speedfest to accompany all players during the crossover and deliver a series of rewards and events.

7-Day Check-In: Exclusive Crossover 7-Day Check-In! Sign in daily to claim rich rewards and win the Sniper Decal and Backpack (Lv.3).

Wild Agent: Limited Wrap, exclusive to the crossover. From May 14 to May 28, complete the specified missions to receive Agent Coins! Use the Coins to advance and win amazing rewards! The Grand Prize - Zephyrus Wrap: Wild Agent is waiting for you!

Knives Out Stamp Card: Collect Agent Stamps from May 19 to May 25 to redeem great rewards! Collecting all stamps will earn you the Limited Set: Ghillie Suit!

Wilderness Survival Race: Participate in the new mode, Survival Challenge, from May 19 to June 1 to win the crossover-exclusive Trinkets: Shovel and M4A1!


New Modes

Survival Challenge will be available on May 19! Make it to the end of this six-player race to emerge victorious! Can you be the last one standing in this harsh elimination?


Tons of Benefits

Value Purchase

The Value Purchase event is set on May 19. Purchase Ball Invitations every day for 7 days to receive the Rocketfox Rare Wrap: Red Bull. Ball Invitations can be used in the Dark Ripples event that is available during the same period, and there's a chance for players to get an exquisite Outfit Set!

Pro Racer Challenge

New vehicles and new skills! From May 19 to June 1, bump up your Proficiency and win rewards!


Exciting Events

I.Dream Track

The Dark Ball is officially here. The Dream Track this time will be available from May 19 to June 1, and players can use Ball Invitations to draw rewards during the event. Draw up to 20 times to seize everything from the prize pool!

New Outfit: Dark Ripples! Never-before-seen decadence, stirring the shadows.

New Wrap: Night Viper! Applicable Vehicle: Ford Mustang. Slithers silently into position, lies in wait, and strikes! Nothing survives a viper attack.


II. Supply Chest Prize Pool Updates

Get Ksana from Supply Chests! During the event there is an increased chance to get the Legendary vehicle Ksana and BMW M8 with the same Ultimate!


III. Treasure Chests

Starry Romance Treasure Chests will be available on May 19 in the Bonus Event: Treasure Hunt. Open a Treasure Chest to get one of the following: Celestial Clouds/Camouflage Youth Outfit, Magic Wand, Outfit Fragments, Fashion Coins, etc. An Outfit Set is guaranteed in 20 draws, and a Magic Wand is guaranteed in 50 draws.


IV. Mystery Box

The exclusive vehicle, Shining, will be released in Speedfest on May 1. Shining's Ultimate Phantom Flash: Transforms into a phantom and grants an extended acceleration, blinking forward with each collision. Each blink reduces the Ultimate's duration. Passive (unlocks at Lv.8): Transforms into a phantom, causing restriction effects to no longer affect the Ultimate and instead be converted into a 15% Ultimate charge. There are also lots of Wraps and premium Outfits to get!


V. Ace Fashion Festival

The limited Outfit, Dark Night Dawn Set, will be released on April 28. The high-quality Pink Nimbus Wrap, Blazing Tail Rims, and Fission Potential Rims will also be available!


VI. S2 Membership

S2 Membership is here! Log in and claim the new Interceptor - Land Rover Defender, which has an exclusive skill called Mega Beam that fires a light beam forward, slowing hit opponents while enlarging them by 800% for 15s. But that's not all. Outfits, vehicle Wraps, Supply Chests, and other rewards await!


Time-Limited Modes

Survival Challenge: Survival Challenge will be available on May 19! Can you be the last one standing in this harsh elimination?

Map Challenge: Map Challenge will be available on May 19! Overcome the challenges to win a limited-time Paint!

Time Attack: This week's Time Attack map is Midnight Neon with a special rule: only Supporters can be used in the race. We're calling on experts like you to challenge this map and leave your name on the leaderboard!


Account Security Tips

To maintain a fair gaming environment and to protect user information, Ace Racer will prohibit illegal third-party recharging.


Third-party recharging and refund fraud pose a significant threat to game account and personal information security, as it may cause personal information leakage, credit card fraud, recharge failure, account theft and other issues. Please do not provide your game account information to others.


In addition, third-party recharging and refund fraud create an unfair gaming environment. For the reasons mentioned above, fraudulent refunds claimed after May 18, 2023 will not be granted and the corresponding accounts will be permanently banned.


NetEase has always been committed to providing players with wonderful games and ensuring a fair gaming environment and the safety of players' in-game assets. While continuously improving the quality of the game, we also sincerely hope that the majority of players will work with us to maintain a fair and harmonious gaming environment. We also call on everyone not to buy game accounts on any platforms to avoid account suspension caused by obtaining game accounts through illegal means.


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