Ace Racer Update - April 26, 2023


[S2 Sneak Peek!]

The following content will be rolled out following the update:


Important Notes

1. Twitter API Adjustments

Recent changes to Twitter's API may affect your ability to use Twitter to log in to the game and share. If you do use Twitter to log in to the game, we advise you to bind your game to a different account, such as Facebook, LINE, Game Center, or Google Play before April 28 (Friday). Thank you for your understanding.

2. Language Options

Thai and Indonesian have been added to the game. Although we have made every effort to ensure translation quality, there may still be some issues. We welcome any feedback concerning this update so that we can improve your gaming experience.


New Season

I. New Tracks

The new tracks Dam Speedway and Ace Academy will be released in Speedfest on April 28 and can be played in Practice, Ranked Race, and other modes.

II. New Vehicles

Shining, Titan, Ford F-150, Land Rover Defender, Manta, and BMW X5 will be released in Speedfest after the update!

III. S2 Membership

S2 Membership is here! Log in and claim the new Interceptor - Land Rover Defender, which has an exclusive skill called Mega Beam that fires a light beam forward, slowing hit opponents while enlarging them by 800% for 15s. But that's not all. Outfits, vehicle Wraps, Supply Chests, and other rewards await!

IV. Supply Chest Prize Pool Updates

Get Titan from Supply Chests! The Legendary vehicle, Titan, with the new skill, Smash Effect, and the Epic vehicle, Ford F-150, have both been added to Supply Chests, and there's a higher chance to get them during the event!

V. Ranked Race Updates

Ranked Race S2 has started. Keep racing to improve your rank, and finish the specified number of races to get the Legendary vehicle, Manta!

VI. Time Chests

After the update on April 27, Time Chests will be added to the game permanently. Once every 4 hours, claim a Silver Chest that contains a variety of in-game items. Accumulate points in races to open a Golden Chest, which contains more valuable rewards!

VII. Store Updates

From April 28, lots of new Outfits, Wraps, Rims, and other skins will be available in the Store. Limited-time big discounts will also be available!


Balancing Adjustments

Based on the performance of various vehicles in S1, the following balancing adjustments will be applied to the relevant vehicles from S2 onwards:

Zephyrus, Ford Focus RS: Air Cruiser acceleration increases from 25km/h to 32km/h.

MINI JCW, Singularity: Nanotech charging range increases from 50m to 80m.

Zen: Nitro Charge increases from 26.5% to 28%.

Lynk & Co 03 TCR: Speed increases from 199.2 to ​204.2.

Ford GT: Nitro Charge increases from 26.5% to 28%.

BMW M8 GTE: Blink distance increases from 25m to 35m and Nitro Charge increases from 23% to 27%.

Volkswagen Beetle: Nitro Charge increases from 37% to 39% and speed increases from 191.4 to 201.4.


Tons of Benefits

New Season Starts: A new season is a new adventure! From April 28 to May 4, race around new maps in the Ranked Race every day to win rewards!

Featured Workshop: The Featured Workshop will be available from April 28 to May 18. The featured vehicle is the BMW X5, which has the Ultimate: Hyper Mapping. Complete daily missions to get Featured Coins, which can be used to draw the new vehicle for free! Tokens can also be used to purchase the vehicle so that you can get it sooner!

7-Day Share: From April 28 to May 11, share every day to win rewards. Share for 7 days to claim a permanent Wrap!

Golden Week Login: Golden Week is here! Log in between April 29 and May 5 to claim Gold Chests and other rewards!

Off-Road Action: From April 28 to May 18, collect off-road vehicles to win Ultimate Parts!

Ace Milestone: From April 28 to May 11, win x10 Supply Vouchers based on the total laps completed on the server!

Pro Racer Challenge: New vehicles and new skills! From April 28 to May 11, increase your Proficiency to claim additional rewards!

Supply Rebates: From April 28 to May 11, keep opening Supply Chests to win lots of rebates!


Exciting Events

I. Mystery Box

The exclusive vehicle, Shining, will be released in Speedfest on May 1. Shining's Ultimate is Phantom Flash: Transforms into a phantom, granting extended acceleration, and blinks forward with every collision that occurs, reducing the Ultimate's duration with each blink. Passive (unlocks at Lv.8): Transforms into a phantom, causing restriction effects to no longer affect the Ultimate and instead convert into a 15% Ultimate charge. There are also lots of Wraps and premium outfits to get!


II. Ace Fashion Festival

The limited outfit, Dark Night Dawn Set, will be released on April 28. The high-quality Pink Nimbus Wrap, Blazing Tail Rims, and Fission Potential Rims will also be available!


III. Mini Membership

Mini Membership will be available from April 28. Log in every day during the event to claim free rewards. Unlock deluxe rewards with a huge discount to get Tokens, Mystery Box Tickets, and other rare items. It's only available for a limited time, so don't miss out!


IV. Treasure Chests

Titan Treasure Chests will be available during S2 for a limited time! Unlock Treasure Chests with Treasure Keys for a chance to get Titan and its Demon Legion Wrap and Camo Graffiti Wrap, as well as other rare Blueprints.


V. Super Promotion

The Super Promotion event will be available from April 29 to May 18. During the event, select and purchase your favorite outfits and get additional discounts based on how many you buy. You can claim Outfit Trial Cards to try on the outfits before buying them.

Available Outfits - Female Outfits: Sweet Holiday, Dessert Fairy, Teen Spirit; Male Outfits: Martial Arts Spirit, Urban Lights, Teen Spirit


VI. Ever-Changing Hannya

3 Hannya Hair will be revealed on May 1. The Ever-Changing Hannya event will also be available from May 1 to May 7 for a limited time. Complete the specified missions to claim 1 Hannya Hair for free. The 3 Hannya Hair will be available in the Store.


Limited-Time Modes

Time Attack: This week's Time Attack map is CLIFF EDGE. We welcome experts like you to challenge this map and make your mark on the leaderboard!

Transformation Tussle: Transformation Tussle is available for a limited time. Transform multiple times during the race to use the Ultimates of different vehicles!


Feature Optimizations

Store Updates: The Store and Treasures will be optimized after the update on April 27.

1. Removed the Fragment Shop. You can now select Fragment Discounts in the Outfits and Vehicles Store to redeem Fragments for a discount.

2. Added a free Daily Gift Pack in the Sale Shop and removed the free Daily Pack from the Wish Shop.

3. Optimized interactions in the Store.

4. Moved the Supply Prize Pool from the Store to Treasure. You can now go to Treasure to access the Supply Chest Prize Pool.

5.Fixed the problem with Rim tags.



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